Predicting Potholes


To identify potholes in roads and repair problems faster and more cost-effectively. 


Keeping track of roadway pavement maintenance and repair needs is a costly, labor-intensive process for local and state agencies.


The North Florida TPO and Clay County conducted a pilot using RoadBotics mobile apps which turn a smartphone into an intelligent data collection device.

The smartphone is mounted on county trucks and used to take pictures of the pavement. The imagery is collected, uploaded, and fed through artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that provide objective, actionable data. These resources are mapped on an interactive platform to plan for maintenance and construction. 



The data is providing more cost-effective and predictive pavement management for Clay County.

It was so successful that Nassau County, City of St. Augustine, City of Neptune Beach, and City of Keystone Heights have adopted this technology into their road management plans.

Over time, the data will help predict where potholes and other pavement problems will occur.

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