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Innovating Smart Cities

Democratizing Innovation

We believe in creating prosperity for all walks of life using technology in new ways at the community level. We’re doing it by deploying smart tech, making better use of local and regional data, and regional collaboration of best practices. Since our 2020 launch, we’ve impacted millions of lives in North Florida, saving hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars, and reducing the time solutions are implemented by months and sometimes years.
Smart North Florida

What is the Smart City Movement? And how are we different?

The “Smart City” idea is simple and powerful—to help make towns and cities more liveable by employing great, new technology.

That’s why we define “smart” in our communities as connecting solutions to problems— improving services, lowering costs, solving problems faster, and scaling solutions for big cities and small towns alike.

SMART people working together.


We work with you to create a virtuous cycle in our world.


When you set the direction, we help find the best people and tech to make it happen.

Civil Servants

You fix systemic problems—answering the stress of aging infrastructure.


We help connect your innovations to the world’s greatest needs.


You get great ideas funded. We discover them, vet them, and connect them to you.


You serve areas others forget. We bring you fresh ideas and new solutions.

SMART makes a real difference.

SMART St. Augustine

SMART St. Augustine SMART St. Augustine is making the nation’s oldest city the smartest city while preserving its historic charm and character. We just received a $12M RAISE grant from…
Smart North Florida
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