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Collecting, analyzing and sharing data is the key to making technology work for us. Saving us time and money, integrated and actionable data is the heart of smart.


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See how smart technologies and strategies can improve our region’s economic competitiveness, sustainability and quality of life.


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We’re bringing together tech professionals, entrepreneurs and investors to grow Smart North Florida with more local tech companies, jobs and opportunities.



John Grant is our winner for the first Smart North Florida Hackathon. Check out his Pedestrian Report App presentation.

Becoming Smart North Florida isn’t a trend; it’s a requirement to thrive in a changing world.

Big cities, small towns, suburbs and rural areas are banding together to become communities where local governments can be more effective and efficient in responding to citizens’ needs and enriching their lives.  All it takes is the willingness to embrace new technologies, the power of data and the innovation that springs from collaboration.  


The Data Exchange is live!  Explore transportation, safety and economic datasets with more added daily.



We’re turning Bay Street in downtown Jacksonville into a test bed for smart technologies and services.  Innovation starts here.


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