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SMART St. Augustine

SMART St. Augustine is making the nation’s oldest city the smartest city while preserving its historic charm and character. We just received a $12M RAISE grant from USDOT to make this vision a reality!

The SMART St. Augustine program will serve its 15,000 residents and six million annual visitors by leveraging technology, data sharing and collaboration while preserving the historic feel for future generations.

Some projects are already being piloted, like the ParkStAug app and solar smart trash bins on St. George Street. Yet, that’s just the beginning.


Imagine streetlights getting brighter when someone walks or bikes nearby so they’re more visible to drivers.

  • Automated bicycle and pedestrian sensors
  • Audible pedestrian count-down signals
  • Bicycle and pedestrian safety app
  • Pedestrian crosswalk improvements
  • Smart lighting
  • Street flood and water level sensors

Do you want it to be easier to find a parking space in downtown St. Augustine? What about visiting all your favorite places without having to drive everywhere?Making it Easier to Move in and around St. Augustine:

  • Arterial Dynamic Messaging Signs (DMS)
  • Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM) and real-time condition monitoring
  • Bridge closure notification system
  • Electric and Autonomous Vehicle (EAV) shuttles
  • Integrated traveler information app
  • Mobility hubs with information kiosks, parking pay stations, bike racks and EV charging stations
  • Parking Management System using DMS
  • Parking information signs
  • Smart signals and the Connected Vehicle Environment (CVE)
  • Virtual DMS with messages delivered through smartphones or connected vehicles

Other Initiatives

Providing Sustainable Solutions

  • EV charging stations at mobility hubs
  • Street lighting replacement with Light Emitting Diode (LED)

Let’s get everyone connected!

  • Providing Ladders of Opportunity
  • Public Wi-Fi for underserved communities
  • Shared-vehicle incentives and subsidies

Be prepared for rising tides.

  • Creating Resiliency
  • Stormwater sensors for resiliency risk assessments and data analytics

Looking for a smoother ride? A smartphone and artificial intelligence will stop potholes before they start.
Managing Assets and Services

Pavement management systems

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